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The word Ktizo is a verb.  The ways that we are engaging with God in seeking to create a heavenly community is “ktizoing.” Ktizo values Sharing in every shape and form.  Ktizo is a nimble, dynamic community. 

Would you like to serve on a Ktizo Team: Worship, Mission, Education, Care?

Do you feel called to preach or be a worship leader? Do you sing?

Is there a class or group could you lead or attend?

We are a wealth of resources  to help make things happen. At Ktizo, the possibilities are endless.

Together we are better than any one of us is by ourselves.

If you would you like to donate to Ktizo operations, our homeless outreach, youth programs, our local missions, our Nicaragua mission, the benevolence fund we can arrange for automatic payments from your bank, or use our secure-site PayPal account below.


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