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Ktizo Update

As I write this on Tuesday morning, Pope Francis’ flight is leaving Cuba on his way to the United States. Historic? Life changing? Certainly more good press than faith and church usually gets. What is the fastest growing Christian group in the United States? “Nones”: The number of Americans who do not identify with any religion continues to grow at a rapid pace. Yet, people say increasingly that they are “spiritual” but “not religious”. How can Ktizo provide a spiritual home for people who are seeking authentic welcome, a community in which they can ask questions and still be welcomed, where people find community and not just committees? How will they hear about Ktizo? And if they do dare to walk in, how will they be welcomed? This is how Ktizo will continue to grow and be a spiritual home for all, not some.

Sunday’s theme is about Spiritual Awakenings, how all of make the connections between God, Self, and Community in our lives.

Join us at 9:00 am for a reflective, meditative setting in worship.

Join us at 11:00 am for a family centered, lively setting in worship and Fearless Welcome Kids Band.

Choir rehearsal at 12:30

Ktizo lives out faith in community this week:

Wed. Breakfast, conversation and Heat Relief, 8:30-2:00. We welcome in 30+ people who live on the streets, some of whom are beginning a process of a new life off the streets.

A Course in Miracles: 5:-6:30, a group discussing Forgiveness and Spiritual growth.

5:30 Ktizo Building Committee

6:30 Ktizo Board of Directors monthly open meeting

Sat. Celebration of Life service for Nancy Jines, 1:00

Africa Forgiveness Project, David Pool, 5:00

Mon: St. Vincent de Paul Community Garden 7:30

Worship Team: 4:30 Elsenheimer’s Not only planning worship, but delving into spiritual journeys and community. All welcome

Nar Anon: 7:00 at Ktizo. Join a table of people who are on a journey of living and loving with someone who has addictions.

Tues: Men’s Breakfast, 8:30 Cracked Egg, faith, food, and

Looking ahead:

Neighbors in Need Offering, now through Oct. 4, a UCC offering which supports justice and community transformation.

Oct. 18: Special guests Leslie and Steve Penrose and perhaps a guest from La Flor Nicaragua. Leslie is the Executive Director of Just Hope, our Nica partner. Our Partnership Trip is Feb.3 through March 3, 2016. $200 deposit due 11/24.

Oct. 17: Manzanita Manor GAIN picnic10-2, Hoshoni Park, Ktizo will have a booth at this neighborhood picnic. A great way to invite people to Ktizo. See Sonny for details.

Blessings and Peace, Pastors Nancy and Ted

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