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From Pastor Ted

We strive to inspire, with love, the living experience of the Still Speaking God, in a community where all, not some, are welcome.

What do you see as the human condition? Do you start a conversation by declaring ‘humans are flawed, sinful beings’? Or do you start the conversation something more like, “Human beings were created by God for a sacred and Holy relationship”. Or, “Human beings are animated bits of evolved cellular structure that evolved over millennia from single cell organisms to what we are today?”

How you begin the conversation creates a perspective and path you will follow and a vantage point from which you will observe. Each perspective is true. Each offers different paths for understanding and outcomes. When we try to get it right, within our perspective, there are limited outcomes. If you are sure of your path’s rightness, you will create “Other” as wrong, and a belief in opposition, fundamental separation: friends and enemies. To be Right, we create wrong. To be Right, we discover the fear of wrong. To discover who I am, I discover what I am not.

What then are we to say about these things? Romans 35.

It is all too common to build a life of fear, separation and loneliness … Yet throughout life there occurs moments of Holy instances where the miracle of oneness occurs to us. A moment where connection, wholeness and love come alive for us.

How can you create or recognize life? Can you learn new patterns: of living, perceiving, understanding, creating wholeness, community, oneness (with no need for rightness or wrongness), love.

Ktizoing: is the practice of creating community, re-cognizing the beauty of diversity, the awesomeness of our oneness, the opportunity for reconciling with all, not some, of creation. We are one: captive or free, male-female-neutral, gay-straight-bi-trans, rich or poor, alive-dead- or living-death, race, creed, or color(s), spotted owl, wetlands, bug or micro-carbon. Are you ready?


  1. Love this introduction to your church and the warm welcome to all. If my printer was working I would have printed it out to read again en route to the Christmas Concert tonight. Printing out will have to wait. In the meantime, please add me to your e-mailing list.
    Cheers, Blessings and TLC (tenderness, love and compassion) in the spirit of Jesus Christ and all who have lived from this and those who are seeking to living from this today and everyday. Looking forward to tonight.

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